24- 26 nov 2016
Inter Arts Center, Malmö
The Enchanters is a joint project between Elin Maria Johansson, Etta Säfve and Jona Elfdahl. 
The work is a part of their on-going collaborations and research in which they let the mythical and poetic raise questions of our contemporary society. Through fictive caracters, scenic installations, film, soundwalks, propagation of myths and events their practice explores themes such as human isolation, our relation to nature and the perishable, our relation to each other, control, communication, social structures and longings. 
During fall, they’ve developed a site-specific work in IAC’s premises. As a part of the work they’ve been looking at the history of the buildning, room functions, observing artistic processes, collaborations and human activities at the site. 
The work takes the audience through the rooms of IAC, guided by a soundpiece telling the mythical tale of the building and its inhabitants.